Traveling Tip - Wedding Dresses

Traveling Trip – Wedding Dress

When traveling to your destination wedding most brides often ask, how do I travel with my wedding dress.  It is actually quite simple.  All of your Canadian airlines offer something a little different, but they will all make the best effort to assist you.  A few things to keep in mind:


  1. Do NOT check your wedding dress or put it into your luggage, take it as carry on, it is complimentary

  2. Leave it in the garment bag you bought it in, put a tag on it so you know it is yours.  Often there is more than one dress in the same overhead bin.

  3. Place it in the bin, fold over one.

  4. If it is possible – pre-book the overhead bin through your wedding coordinator/Travel Advisor

  5. Book for your dress to be steamed the day before the wedding to get any wrinkles out that may have occurred in transport

Our Canadian Airlines each offer the following:

Transat – Wedding Dress

Quantity: 1 per person

Size: Not exceeding 135 x 60 cm (53 x 23.5 in)

Weight: Regular weight

Cost: Free of charge


Exceptionally, a wedding dress in a non-rigid garment bag, with measurements not to exceed 135 x 60 cm (53 x 23.5 in), may be carried on board, and can be laid out or gently rolled up in the overhead bin.

There are no closet facilities on board our aircraft.

The dress may be carried in addition to a regular-sized carry-on bag.

 Sunwing – Wedding Dress

If you've booked a group destination wedding with us, Sunwing will reserve an overhead bin for the bride to place her wedding gown. Please make arrangements at least 7 days in advance of travelling through your Group Sales agent to receive this complimentary service.

WestJet - Wedding Dress

Please feel free to bring your wedding dress on board in a garment bag as your personal item. There are no closets in the cabin, so please wait until all other carry-on baggage has been loaded and place your dress on top. We do not recommend bringing your dress in checked baggage.

Air Canada - Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses can be carried on board and stored in the overhead bin provided the garment bag does not exceed maximum carry-on limits. Note that items in the overhead bin can shift during the flight, possibly causing delicate pieces to be wrinkled, crushed or torn.