Why Hire a Travel Consultant?

Looking to go on a specialized trip, or having a destination wedding? What’s the first thing you need to do?

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Find a travel consultant.

Find one that you trust and use them regularly. Now a days there are so many websites you can find to book on your travel on your own, but the many hours spent researching and trying to find the best deal, can be overwhelming and super frustrating. What you need to know is all the ways you can benefit from using a travel consultant.

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The bottom line is, a good travel advisor simply knows more then you do. They work in travel on a day-to-day basis, and are experts in their field. With their expertise and connections to the various products and suppliers with-in the travel industry, their service is of great value. Often they are able to not only provide you with better pricing, by having access to consolidators that are not available to the everyday individual, but they also have access to added benefits.

Advantages such as free room upgrades, private guides and tours, reservations to restaurants that are hard to get into, different service credits and many other little extras. These advantages can be increased with exclusive offers if you choose a travel advisor who is also a Virtuoso affiliated advisor.

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Virtuoso is an exclusive network of specialized travel advisors that have global connections with the best hotels, cruise lines, airlines and tour companies. This is a privilege that is granted to only one percent of all travel agencies on an invitation basis only. If you would like to learn more about what a Virtuoso Advisor can offer, visit their website at www.virtuoso.com

By booking with a travel consultant you are also ensuring a safety net for yourself before and during a trip. If a flight gets cancelled, you miss a connection, or you need to make a last minute change in your trip, you have the support of an expert behind you, ready to deal with any situation that may arise. Thus adding to the overall quality of you travels experience.

Do most travel advisors charge a fee for their services? Yes, however the money you can save by using their services, and knowledge gained from their experience will pay for it-self. Let’s put it this way, if you had a major pluming issue you wouldn’t just look it up on line and attempt to do it your self. Much like if you needed a legal document drawn up, you wouldn’t just do it on an on-line site, you would hire a lawyer. Each of these professionals charges a fee for their expertise, much like a travel consultant does.

Your travel advisor gets to know you as you work with them, gaining a personal connection. Think of your travel advisor as a friend that you would consult with, value their opinions, and trust their advice. This is how we at Rock-IT Travel like to operate. This way we learn your wants, your likes, dislikes, preference etc, helping us to make the best suggestions to custom fit your vacation or trip to you specifically.

Let us help you book your next vacation or destination wedding and we will show you just how great booking with a travel advisor can be. Contact us today if you have any questions or visit us Saturday’s at the Market in Red Deer. We love to meet you.