How To Pick the Right Resort for Your Destination Wedding

Now that you have decided on a destination that you know will have the perfect look for your day. 

What's Next?


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I am certain you have been online for hours looking at amazing locations, resort after resort, but how do you choose? 

Couples often make mistakes by taking what a picture tells them as what the resort truly looks like. 

However, if the picture was taken in 2002, the resort could look very different and that gazebo may not even be there anymore. 

Broken Gazebo.jpg

As much as a picture can be exactly what you want, keep in mind the 4 following things that might play a big part in your special day:

# 1 - How old is the picture?

# 2 - What is the star rating of that hotel?

# 3 - Do they allow children or is it adults only?

# 4 - Are they a wedding resort or a resort that just does weddings?

It’s important to put together a “wish” list and a “need” list before you explore your resorts. 

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When doing research, it can be very overwhelming and these little needs and wishes can help narrow down your search. 

They can open your eyes to what some resorts offer and what others don’t.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself when looking into your dream resort:

# 1 – The location of the wedding is important, but only if you have the right resort to deliver the perfect wedding.

# 2 - Make sure you look at all the services they provide, whether they are family friendly with things for kids to do.  Just because it says it is family friendly doesn’t mean that there will be lots for kids to do. 

# 3 - Whether their all inclusive is 24 hours, this can be very important to a wedding group. 

# 4 - Do they have a disco or night club where you can go after the reception is over or is it the type of resort that is low key at night.  

Be sure to know everything there is to know about the resort including reviews and talking to anyone who has been there or done a wedding at the resort.  This can help so much in making the right decision.

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