Where Do You Start For that Perfect Destination Wedding?

Your Engaged!!!  Congratulations

Your dream wedding is on a beach and I know you're so excited.  You start searching on the internet and find this amazing beach location that you want.

Beach set up.jpg

That's it! You'll find out where it is and that's where you get married.

Are you sure?

Understanding your destination is just as important as understanding the resorts. 

For example, let's say that dream wedding beach front gazebo of yours is in the Caribbean and you want a sunset ceremony at 6:30PM in February.

Is the sun setting at 6:30pm in February? 


Another Question to Ask:

Is the resort even on the right side of the ocean to have a sunset ceremony? And if it is, does that gazebo face the right way?

These are common mistakes when booking a destination wedding that we don’t think about when we start looking at all the amazing pictures. 

There are some very important points to consider, here are two:

#1 - Not all beaches are created equal and understanding the type of beach will help determine the perfect destination for your wedding. 

Not all beaches are equal.png

If your dream wedding is in front of an incredible sunset, make sure the destination and beach location will offer you that sunset.

#2 - Choosing the right time of year and time of day is very important when you want to capture a specific look for your wedding photos. 

Most of the resorts will know the prefect time for what you want but make sure you do your own research and build your wedding timeline before making a decision.  You will want to make sure all your events fit into the timeline.


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