3 Things You Must Know Before Booking Your Resort

Resort photo.jpg

Knowing how to determine if the resort you have chosen is a wedding resort and will do amazing things for you on your special day, we offer these 3 simple points for your to consider before booking.  

  1. A wedding resort will be very good at attention to detail. Be passionate about weddings and will offer you advise through out the booking process. 

  2. They will be quick to respond and will most definitely offer wedding packages that include everything you will want for a wedding.  

  3.  They will be very flexible in their packages and always offer a solution if there is something you don’t want or like.  They will not work within a box, but will give you the impression that the sky is the limit.


  4. Wedding resorts tend to be higher end and offers some of the best beaches and locations to get married.

    But don’t let that fool you, there are plenty of budget friendly resorts available that do incredible weddings and won’t break the bank. 

    Determining how your top picks compare to each other will help you have more confidence in what you are booking as well.  Never be afraid to compare a 4 star with a 5 star, you might be surprised how similar they might be when it comes to weddings.  

  5. A wedding resort will offer specials for wedding groups, additional promotions and discounts and they will be open to negotiation on some or all their products costs. 

    You will always have more power when negotiating when you have more numbers, however know that more people means more staff to run your event.  Sometimes it is as simple as knowing when to order something to get the best price.

Your wedding is the most important day of your life, let us help you find the perfect resort!  Contact me for your free Rock-It Destination Wedding consultation