4 Most Popular Spots for Your Destination Wedding

Although there are many different spots to get married when traveling abroad there are some very popular spots that brides & grooms tend to choose. 


 Some of them are traditional and some of them not so much.  Here are 4 spots that are very popular:

1.    THE BEACH – most destination weddings are where couples want to get married on the beach in front of the water.

Palace Resorts.jpg

Some want a sunset wedding but most don’t care, most just want the beach.   They mainly choose the Caribbean side for the turquoise water and white sand


 HOWEVER, I enjoy the pacific side as well as the water is darker blue, brown sugar sand, but they have sunsets like you can’t even imagine. 

The other bonus is the weather is more consistent and not as much wind.

2.      The ROOF TOP TERRACE -  most couples choose this location so that they can still have the beautiful water background, but they don’t have to deal with all the onlookers and photo bombs that people tend to do in a wedding. 

Rooftop wedding.jpg

 There is more privacy and intimacy in this type of location. 

Rooftop Receiption.jpg

 Another bonus to this type of location is that you can also have your reception in the same place, so no need to change venues.

A SECLUDED GARDEN or BEACH – amazingly beautiful and private, more and more couples are wanting to hide away and get married where only their close friends and family are around.

Garden Wedding.jpg

The beautiful part of a secluded beach or garden is the area is usually untouched and has the most amazing scenery. 

Garden Reception.jpg

 They can sometimes be right on property depending on the resort.  Couples love the isolation and intimacy that the gardens/beach will give them with no onlookers.

And finally

4.   The Hidden Gems – couples are now interested is areas that are harder to get to. 

Cenote Wedding.jpg

Some resorts have special spots right onsite and they are secluded beach areas, cenotes and caves and even chapels over the water.

Overwater Chappel.png

 It is all about the view, and how hard it is to get there. 

These places are not for the budget conscious couples as there is usually an expense involved.  They are amazing and allow couples to have a unique look for their wedding. 

 Not like everyone else.

Bride rooftop.jpg

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