5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Your Wedding Package

Now you have chosen that perfect resort

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 It is time to look into the wedding packages at the resort of your choice to make sure they offer what you want. 

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 Most resorts are pretty flexible and if your willing to pay for it, you can make just about anything happen. 

You need to ask questions, never assume you can do something.  For example, if you want wish lanterns to release in the night, make sure you ask if they are permitted, some destinations won’t allow them.

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 When your looking at wedding packages you want to make the best decision for your wedding, however it is important to make sure you are getting value in the package you are choosing. 

Not all wedding packages give you value for your dollars.  When you look at what is included, make sure you have your “wish” list handy. 

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 Things that are already included are great, but it’s the extras that can add up so be sure that you request that information when requesting package details. 

 Look for things like:

  • how long is the DJ & bar service?

  • private reception vs semi private

  • cost per person for extending hours

  • if it is an outdoor reception what time do you have to close

  • what’s included for the wedding party?

  • And last but never least see what is included for your honeymoon the next day

Be sure to ask them if there are any additional extras added if you have a certain number of guests attending. 

There are some resorts that offer additional discounts as well as events based on your guest list count.

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Finally, ask a professional wedding planner to review it with you, they will see all the items that you maybe be missing and need to consider. 

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