5 Simple Tips to Save (up to 25%) On Your Destination Wedding

If you don't already know the big secret...

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Destination Weddings are way cheaper than a wedding at home

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Statistics show that the average home wedding costs $30,000.00 and the average destination wedding is $7,000.00, so why is that. 

There are a number or reasons, but the biggest one is because you don’t have to book all of your services separately. 

It is all in one place, at your resort in destination.  They do all the work of collecting vendors to provide for the prefect day.  However, with that, there are still some great ways to save money.

1. Hire a destination wedding planner -  from your country so that they are working for you and can negotiate items or services that you need or want that they may not typically offer.

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A planner you higher will always do their best for you.  The resort planner is looking to make money.  Although you will pay a fee upfront to them, the benefit in the end will be priceless.

2. Flowers – they are beautiful, but not necessary in destination, some wedding packages include the basics and that is usually enough. 

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For example, the boutonnieres for the best man and the groomsman are usually not needed, it is hot outside and the boys aren’t careful with them.  Save the money and don’t order any extras.

3. Private vs. Semi private reception/dinner – this private dinner will always be more expensive because you have to pay for the resort to staff the area to serve you during your time at the resort. 

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If your group can have a semi-private reception, this is a way to save money because you have dinner in one of the ala carte restaurant. 

They put you all together and it can save you a considerable amount of money on décor and staffing.

4. Photography – make sure you understand the costs involved when you get your photos.  A lot of time you do not get all your pictures and they will charge extra for each print you want. 

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Sometimes it is cheaper to bring your own photographer due to extra costs that the resort photographers will charge.

5. Rehearsal Dinner – traditionally we always have a rehearsal dinner, but in destination it is not necessary and can save you money but just having the wedding party and parents meet for drinks later in the evening.  

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Most resorts will also allow you to make a reservation in the buffet for no extra cost if you want to have a dinner altogether for no additional costs.

If you are wanting to save money on your destination wedding

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